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Law of Foreigners

Foreigners' law is a branch of law formed by the laws that a state or country applies to foreigners arriving in a country. In general, it is based on the principle of reciprocity and the legal rules that will be applied to foreigners in Turkey differ depending on the country where the foreigner is a citizen.

Inheritance and Real Estate Law

Inheritance and real estate law, law of obligations and property law are the most common aspects of our daily life. Its main subject is the right to property, which is guaranteed by the constitution. It has been shaped by the fact that the need for shelter, which has existed since the history of humanity, has turned into an investment today.

Criminal and Execution Law

Criminal law is a department of public law that studies the concepts of crime and punishment. It is divided into general and special criminal law. Execution law is the branch of law that ensures the realization of finalized criminal and security measures. Execution is “fulfillment” in the sense of the word. As can be understood from the meaning of the word, the execution law fulfills the punishment and security measures given by the court. It regulates the principles, principles and procedures related to these issues.

Commercial Law

Commercial law is a branch of law applied to commercial business and transactions. Commercial law is a branch of law in itself, it is independent. The branches of law that commercial law is most related to are obligations and civil law. Commercial law is examined in 6 subheadings. These are: Commercial Enterprise Law, Company Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Transport Law, Maritime Trade Law and Insurance Law.

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